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Saraswati Aradhana

“Why are you such a big bookworm!! Raj, you were born with a silver spoon, you don’t actually need to study so much. Let’s go hit the pub.”
Raising my head from the book, I glanced at my friend Mayur. I was flabbergasted to hear all this coming from him.
“Mayur, if I don’t study, how will I fulfill my dreams?”
“What dreams? Your dad has a huge clothes showroom, you simply have to go and sit on a readymade business.”

My laughter erupted in sarcasm.
“No thank you. I want to make a name for myself. I wish to become a software engineer. Dad made money by working hard, but I want to earn it smartly. Mayur, what are you planning to do?”
He shrugged his shoulders and replied casually,
“My plans aren’t anything specific. I’ll do some small-time job, like my dad.”

I was surprised to see Mayur so careless about his career.
“Mayur, you should be more serious in studies than me.”
“Forget it man! Reading these fat books is not my cup of tea.”
I went and sat next to him.
“Alright, answer a question of mine. What do you find more appealing? Earning 500₹, after doing a day’s donkey work, or sitting in a revolving chair in front of a computer in an air-conditioned office and earning 3000/- per day?”
“Obviously, sitting in an air-conditioned office and earning 3000/- daily, is any time more tempting.”

I slapped his back and remarked,
“Mister, then this luxury cannot be obtained without doing Saraswati Aradhana!”
“What Aradhana?”
“Oh dumbo!! Not what Aradhana, Saraswati Aradhana. Only when you respect Maa Saraswati, will she bless you with knowledge and wisdom, which will eventually lead you to name and fame. Capeesh?”
He got confused and I explained further,
“Because our parents sacrificed, we got a good life and education. Now it’s our turn. In today’s world of inflation, hard work alone is not sufficient. If there is education, then we will be able to live the life of our dreams. Besides, we will be capable enough of giving a better life to the next generation as well.”

Dragging in a deep sigh, he said,
“Raj, you are hundred percent right. But man, looking at these fat books makes my head spin.”
I bantered,
“If you envision yourself in an air-conditioned office, earning Rs 3,000 per day, then studying would automatically become more fun.”
With that we both cracked laughing.

🖊️Shamim Merchant

Published by Deep Gurjar

Deep Gurjar, Gir-Somnath based an author, published one poetry book on his name, which name is "the poetry of a common man". He is the founder of "Shabdoni Sangathe" group. This group supports new poet & writer for developing their skills. & Also motivate them by organizing different different competitions and post their writeups on social media. SNS group publish an e-magazine every month. Deep Gurjar is a columnist also in Sanjog News & Sorath Dhara (Saptahik). & By educational qualification he is a student of (Dairy Technology).

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