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An Unbelievable Incident

“Oh my gosh! What’s this? How did I come here? Anand, are you actually standing in this bungalow?”
An incredibly unbelievable incident happened with me, something beyond imagination! I, Anand Ajmera, professor of history, was sitting in my room at night, reading a crime thriller. I had almost reached the climax of the novel and all of a sudden, I wasn’t in my room.

Astonishingly, I had entered inside my novel! Flabbergasted, I glanced around. No one was paying any attention to me. The protagonist of my novel, Kailash Kumar was sitting next to his father’s corpse and crying bitterly. There were policemen everywhere, searching, asking questions and basically investigating the whole case. Having read the previous chapters, I was suspicious and almost certain that the murderer was Kailash himself. He had killed his father for inheritance. But how will this be proved?

“Check every single corner, don’t leave out anything. I don’t care if the entire place is toppled over in a mess. But mind you, nothing should be missed out. Under any circumstances, I want proof against the killer. Is that understood?!?”
The police inspector was throwing orders to all the constables in a very stern voice.
“Inspector, my father’s murderer must be punished severely!”
I was amazed to see Kailash’s hypocrisy. Definitely, he was a good actor. Now it was all the more important to expose him in front of the world. But how?

My eyes fell on the computer and an idea propped up in my head. My sixth sense became alert and my gaze landed on the CCTV camera. Immediately, I went to the computer and switched it on. Opening the CCTV folder, I displayed it on the screen, hoping it would catch somebody’s attention.

My eyes jerked open, and once again I was sitting at the table in my room. Was I dreaming? Did I fall asleep while reading? Rubbing my groggy eyes, I drank some water and commenced reading the exciting novel once again. Now I was on tenterhooks. As I continued to read, my heart was stomping in my chest and my eyes popped out in utter disbelief. The climax that was written was extremely difficult to digest.
*”There seemed to be an invisible force present in the room. How can the computer come to life automatically? Who opened the folder of the CCTV footage? Nevertheless, all doubts were dispelled and the screen was clearly showing Kailash Kumar pressing a pillow on the face of his sleeping father.”!!!*

Shamim Merchant, Mumbai

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