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About Us

Deep Gurjar.

Intro of Shabdoni Sangathe

Mission: There are so many stars in this universe like this there are so many words that give fragrance to literature. We run this group not only for well trained poet or writer, but we accept the requests of new people who don’t know about literature and rules of it.

Shabdoni Sangathe family gives respect to all languages. Mainly, we consider Gujarati, Hindi & English language literature.

On every weekend, Saturday & Sunday, we organize “Weekend Word Competition” & and winners also get certificates. On the other hand, we organize “Short & Sweet competition” on every Friday.

We run two different groups on WhatsApp :

1) શબ્દોની સંગાથે (for Gujarati Literature)

2) Shabdoni Sangathe (H/E) (for Hindi/English literature)

We are also on Instagram :

1) shabdo_ni_sangathe

2) shabdonisangathe_hindi_english

He is Gir- Somnath based author, published one poetry book on his name, which name is “the poetry of a common man”. He is the founder of “Shabdoni Sangathe” group. This group supports new poet & writer for developing their skills. & Also motivate them by organizing different competitions and post their write-ups on social media. SNS group publish an e-magazine every month. Deep Gurjar is a columnist also in Sanjog News & Sorath Dhara (Saptahik). & By educational qualification he is a student of B. Tech (Dairy Technology).

Sunil Gohil.

He is from Bhavnagar. He has graduated in B.C.A and post graduated in M.B.A with IT. He is by profession a teacher. He has published his write- ups in many anthologies as a co- author. He will publish his own book named “માસ્તરની વાર્તાઓ”. He is one of the admin of Shabdoni sangathe. His write up is also published in Shabdoni Sangathe monthly magazine, HOL magazine and Soulful evening magazine.

Ami Maheta.

She is Surat based Poet. She is one of the admin of Shabdoni Sangathe group. This group supports new poet & writer for developing their skills and also motivates them by organizing different competitions and post their write-ups on social media. SNS group publish an e-magazine every month. Ami Maheta is a Gujarati language poet. By educational qualification, She is a student of B. Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture.

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  1. I wish to be a member of Shabdoni Sangathe a gujarati social media group.
    Mobile no is 9429019341

  2. Great initiative !
    Maintain the Standard … That’s all we need for a social media literary platforms.

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