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A Beautiful Turn

“The first turn to the right from McDonald’s is her office. Please Preeti, give her this parcel and bring the payment she gives. Please, will you do this work for me?”
My older sister Pooja, notified me hurriedly, whilst she packed her laptop.
I was sitting on the bed, checking my messages on the mobile. I raised my head and bantered with her.
“Yeah, yeah! Now I’m a free bird, so I guess, I’ll have to pass my time by doing all these menial tasks.”

Pooja stopped going out and eyed me regretfully,
“Preeti, it’s not like that. I’m late coming from the office, and by then it’s closed, otherwise I wouldn’t have requested you.”
I laughed,
“Hey …! There’s no need to give so many explanations, I’m just kidding. Don’t worry, I’ll do your work.”

It’s been two years since I graduated, and since then, I’ve done a few odd jobs. But none of them pleased my heart or gave me any kind of satisfaction.

When I got ready and was about to leave the house to do the Pooja’s work, dad questioned me from behind.
“Preeti, what happened to your job?”
I replied patiently,
“I have applied to two to three companies, now I’m waiting for an interview call.”
Mom came out of the kitchen, handed me some money and said,
“On your way back, get a few of Pooja’s choice of vegetables from the market.”
I got irritated.
“Mom! Why don’t you ask her only to bring them? Please don’t bother me with all this.”
“Darling, where does Pooja have time for all this? Moreover, what work do you have, you’re free only. Now be a good girl and bring the vegetables.”
With a deep sigh I walked out of the house.

The address shown by Pooja was a large building and I had to go to the fifth floor. Coming out of the elevator I saw that there were many offices, and interior decoration work was going on in one of them. Dirt and sawdust was flying in the air throughout the corridor. The loud noise of the drill machine was ripping through the eardrums.

A woman came out of the cabin I was supposed to enter and glanced at me. Addressing her, I said,
“Hello. I am Pooja Parekh’s younger sister Preeti. She has sent me to give a parcel to Miss Sapna.”
“Oh! I’m Sapna. Please come in. Sorry for the mess, our new office work is going on.”

As we went inside and sat down, Sapna spoke very highly of Pooja’s work. While we continued to talk, she asked me,
“Preeti, what are you doing?”
For a minute I thought of bragging wrongly, but then it struck me, might as well speak the truth.
“I have graduated in mass media, and now I’m looking for a good job.”

Sapna sat forward and became curious,
“Really! Tell me something regarding your abilities.
It took me a minute to tell her all about my skills and talents. She smiled and surprised me.
“Preeti, I am opening an advertising company. It’s a startup. Outside what you just saw is the work going on for my new office. We will begin next month. Your skills and talents are perfect for me. Would you like to work with me?”

I was stunned and before I could say anything, Sapna spoke further.
“Initially your salary will be twenty thousand, ten percent increment every year and a bonus on Diwali.”

Was I dreaming? Was my luck so good? Such a fantastic job came and sat in my lap. Just like that. Wow !! The joy of my heart was clearly overflowing in the smile on my face.

McDonald’s turn brought a fruitful and a beautiful turn in my life as well.

🖊️Shamim Merchant

Published by Deep Gurjar

Deep Gurjar, Gir-Somnath based an author, published one poetry book on his name, which name is "the poetry of a common man". He is the founder of "Shabdoni Sangathe" group. This group supports new poet & writer for developing their skills. & Also motivate them by organizing different different competitions and post their writeups on social media. SNS group publish an e-magazine every month. Deep Gurjar is a columnist also in Sanjog News & Sorath Dhara (Saptahik). & By educational qualification he is a student of (Dairy Technology).

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